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Networking, Internet, Phones

  • NBN Transitions
  • VOIP and telephony systems
  • Cameras and premises automation
  • Cabling, hardware, infrastructure
  • Point to point and outdoor wifi systems
  • Large property network plans and installations
  • Creative networking solutions for unique situations

Computers, Office equipment

  • POS, Shop and office fitouts
  • Streamlined workflow design and advice
  • Advice and tuition
  • Installation and customisation
  • Full scale ongoing tech support solutions
  • Service and repair
  • Security apps and assistance
  • macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android

Email, Cloud storage and app specialists

  • Google G Suite cloud based email systems and apps
  • Online, cloud storage, backup, apps and workflows
  • Business grade backups
  • POS and productivity apps
  • Accommodation provider management systems
  • - CRM/CMS/Industry platforms installation and maintenance

Website and online presence management

  • Design and Development
  • Advice and tuition
  • Ongoing maintenance and management plans
  • Integrations, renovations and updates
  • Online presence integrations and guidance

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Industry Solutions

Solutions for accommodation providers

  • Diverse experience with many leading reservation systems including Little Hotelier, Airbnb, Hirum, EzyRes, Protel and more
  • Security and surveillance systems
  • Large scale network and wireless hotspot design, installation and management
  • Integrations with card encoders and other room and guest management hardware and interfaces
  • Cloud based email via G Suite and other third party application integrations
  • Website development, renovation and maintenance

Solutions for the retail industry

  • Solid experience with a number of industry leading POS platforms including Kounta, Shopify, Unilink, CirclePOS
  • Cameras and surveillance systems
  • Network and electrical premises planning, cabling, installation
  • Internet solutions designed to handle business demands
  • Business grade local and cloud backup solutions
  • Productivity and workflow design
  • Cloud based email via G Suite and other third party application integrations
  • Website development, renovation and maintenance

Solutions for farming and agriculture

  • Rural and remote Internet solutions
  • Solar power remote monitoring and measurement systems for feed, water levels and livestock
  • Network solutions over longer distances via wireless point to point and wired cat6 cabling
  • Cloud-based solutions, productivity and workflow enhancements for farm management
  • Cameras and surveillance systems
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Service Level and Pricing


Best for urgent jobs and one off technology support needs.
Perfect for:
  • Farms and agriculture
  • Work from home users
  • Geographically remote businesses

Prepaid retainer

Join the club! Perfect for on demand support. Affords you priority response times by purchasing support hours in advance ready for use whenever you choose.
Perfect for:
  • Small retail operations
  • Home office based businesses
  • Restaurants, cafes and hospitality

Platinum partnership

Saves you and your team time, stress and, most importantly, money. Let us help you increase efficiency and productivity by forming a technology support partnership starting today! <3
Perfect for:
  • Accommodation providers
  • Medium to large retail operations
  • Small to large office based businesses
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We take the time to understand you and ensure you are informed, confident and happy using your tech. No matter how good your technology is, if you and your team are not happy using it, it’s no good at all. We believe in forming strong working relationships with those we work with, grounded in a shared understanding of the technology at your disposal. That’s the difference.

Established in 2009, with industry experience spanning over 25 years, Sam Hammond and the team, based in Byron Bay, are your local, first point of contact for all things tech in your business. From simple computer repairs to office networking, Internet, POS and shop fit outs through to website management.

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